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The International Joint R&D Platform for the Integration of Solar Energy and Building with Near-zero Energy Consumption is Under Construction
He Zhaohong
Update time: 2016-02-29
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The International Joint R&D Platform for the Integration of Solar Energy and Building with Near-zero Energy Consumption is jointly carried out by three institutes, namely, Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of SciencesNagoya University and Kanazawa University of Japanand Fédération de Recherche sur l’Energie solaire(FédEsol) of France.


The platform is aim at solving key issues about energy efficient buildings and comprehensive utilization technologies of solar energy in China through international technology transfer and cooperation, and improving Chinese research level of related technologies.


In this cooperation, the following six research works will be carried out:

(1) Research on high-efficiency adsorption heat pump for heat storage and refrigeration: mainly about heat storage technology and refrigeration technology of adsorption heat pump;

(2) Development of dehumidification systems: development of dehumidifying systems based on cross flow heat exchanger-type adsorption device, and research on desiccant screening, heat exchangers structure optimization and system performance testing, et cetera;

(3) Research on integration system of air conditioning and dehumidification for zero energy buildings.

(4) Research on different type of hybrid solar photovoltaic/thermal (PVT) combined cooling, heating and electricity production. Detailed investigations via national/international standard tests, comparative studies through identical test cells, and system numerical analysis;

(5) Development of the practical means of building energy conservation by taking into account the interaction of the building / multi- energy supply systems, with the foundation built upon profound and coupled computer-modeling / experimental approach.

(6) Comprehensive performance evaluation of zero energy consumption buildings: mainly research about life cycle assessment (LCA), life cycle cost(LCC) evaluation and performance optimization of building system.


The project is supposed to end by 2018.

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