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    Research Progress
SHARP EAGLE: Scientist discovered a new economic way to convert...17-07-25

Wave Energy Converter Sharp Eagle “Wanshan” Has Been Launched...15-12-16

The meeting formedium-term program summary of the National Basi...15-07-29

Research progress on gas-bearing fluidsmigrations in the Shenhu...15-07-15

The startup meeting of “Demonstration of Biomass Gasification ...15-04-14

The 2014 annual meeting of the National Basic Research Program ...14-12-18

Annual meeting of the National 973 Project “Basic research on ...14-12-03

An invention patent was granted by the United States Patent and...14-11-27

New Progress in Characteristic of Thermal Conduction in Hydroca...14-11-25

973 sub-project “combustible solid waste high-value pretreatme...14-11-12

GZ national low carbon pilot project meeting is held14-09-10

Professor Yuan Zhenhong of GIEC won the 2014 Linneborn Prize14-07-16

The project “Research and application of key technique foranae...14-05-07

A pore-scale smoothed particle hydrodynamics model for lithium-...14-04-25

Smoothed particle hydrodynamics prediction of effective transpo...14-04-18

The Project “Research and experiment of 10kW Medusa Wave Energ...14-04-04

The Project “Research on Key Technology of Marine Instrument E...14-04-04

GD ETS Impact assessment and adjustment policy recommendation" ...14-03-28

GIEC attend The Third Conference of Mid-deep Geothermal Develop...14-03-25

Numerical simulation of electricity generation potential from f...14-03-24

Numerical simulation of heat production potential from hot dry ...14-03-24

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