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Project “Heat-pump Type Water Chiller Driven by Gas Engine”Pa...10-05-25

Workshop about Sino-US Cooperation Consulting Project in Renewa...10-05-04

Strategy Research about Natural Gas Hydrate Exploration & Explo...10-03-31

Qinghai Natural Gas Hydrate Exploration & Exploitation Plan Pas...10-03-30

Biomass Gasification and Power-generation Technology Passes Mid...10-03-23

Reviewing meeting about Industry D...10-02-01

Technique for Carbon Dioxide Separation from Gas-solid Using Hy...09-12-31

The methane hydrate formation and the resource estimate resulti...09-12-15

Experimental investigation on TBAB clathrate hydrate slurry flo...09-11-24

Co-research Between Natural Gas Research Center and Lawrence Be...09-11-16

Advanced bio-technical group of GIEC successfully completed the...09-10-27

Progress of Geochemical Study on Gas Hydrae Formation in Northe...09-07-31

Guangzhou World Energy and Electricity-Saving Fair and New Ener...09-06-16

Science and Technology Development Conference for Centralized M...09-04-29

Dynamic ice storage technology attended 2009 Chinese Refrigerat...09-04-20

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