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Achievements Transformation
Update time: 2009-07-15
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Under the knowledge and renovation project of CAS, GIEC has set up some high-tech companies, which were supported by enterprises and linked by shareholdings with its own technologies in order to gear scientific and technological achievements transformation. Through these companies, not only the social capital is attracted, but also the faster transformation is facilitated in the new way. Also GIEC established the assets management company- Guangzhou Zhongke Environment & Energy Technology Co. Ltd, to centralize and realize the separation of the right of management from the right of ownership, improving the efficiency of capital employment and business management, and to avoid the unnecessary risks from direct involvement in the market.

Now there are more than 10 technological companies under the management of Guangzhou Zhongke Environment & Energy Technology Co. Ltd by the stocks, which are adjusted and controlled by their development on the assets control and work plan.



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