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programs to foreign students

Master Program, Ph.D. Program,


Be healthy and willing to abide by the Chinese laws and decrees, respect the Chinese customs and habits,

Master Program:

Be under 40 years old, obtained a Bachelor degree of China, or the foreign equivalent of such a degree.

Ph.D. Program:

Be under 45 years old, obtained a Master degree of China, or the foreign equivalent of such a degree.

Research Fields

Thermal Engineering

Fluid Machine and Engineering

Application Materials Submitted

A GUCAS Application for Admission for Foreign Students(downloaded http://www.gucas.ac.cn/GUCASenglish/index.aspx), with a recent passport-sized photo attached;

Application fee (nonrefundable);

Degree certificate of the highest education level (notarized photocopy);

Transcripts of undergraduate and/or graduate studies (notarized photocopy/photocopies);

Two letters of recommendation from your instructors at least at associate professor level or other person familiar with your activities with equivalent academic achievement;

Curriculum vitae;

A financial support statement by your sponsor along with bank statements (original or notarized photocopy);

An Application Form for GUCAS Scholarship for those wishing to apply for such scholarship.

If any of the materials is neither in Chinese nor in English, a copy of notarized translation in Chinese or English is required by GIEC.

Application Period

All year round

Admission Procedures

Preliminary ExaminationInterviewAdmission:

1.Preliminary Examination: take a preliminary examination, which consists of two tests in the applicants’ respective academic fields and one English Test Applicants whose native language or official language is English will be exempted from the English test. All the tests are in written form and each lasts for 3 hours. All the tests are held in GIEC.

2. Interview:

Applicants having passed the preliminary examination should expect to be interviewed in GIEC by a tutor group, and should be responsible for all the travel and other related expenses.

3. Admission

An Admission Letter and a Visa Application Form for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China (Form JW202) will be sent by GUCAS to the successful applicant who will study in China for more than one year

Visa Application & Registration

Applicants admitted should bring passport, Admission Letter, Visa Application Form for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China, Form of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners to the embassy or consulates of the Peoples Republic of China in their respective countries and apply for a visa.New students should register before the deadline stipulated by GIEC, and pay the tuition fee. All the newly registered students will be subject to a physical reexamination and those found unqualified will not be allowed to study in GUCAS.


1.    Application Fee:

Master Program and Ph.D Program: RMB 600 or US$ 70;

2. Tuition Fee

Master Program: RMB 30,000 /year (30,000 Yuan RMB per year);

Ph.D Program:  RMB 40,000/year (40,000 Yuan RMB per year);

3. Extra Fieldwork Expenses:  Extra activities dealing with experiments, fieldwork and travels beyond the education plan stipulated by GUCAS.

4. Other Personal Expenses:  Room and board, medical treatment, insurance and teaching materials, etc.


Both full scholarship and partial scholarship may be granted.

Full scholarship includes tuition, housing and a moderate living stipend. Partial scholarship may consist of one or more items of the full scholarship. All exiting scholarship students are subject to the GUCAS annual review in order to maintain their scholarship status in the following academic year.


Living Stipend for Different Programs:

Master Program:  RMB 1,000/month; 1-3 academic years;

Ph.D. Program:  RMB 1,200/month; 1-4 academic years;

Application Procedures for GUCAS Scholarship:

Applicants download an Application Form For GUCAS Scholarship download the application form directly from GUCAS website (www.GUCAS.ac.cn/English version) and fill in it--- submit their application form to GIEC for approval-----Commission of GUCAS evaluate and make the final decision