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China New Energy and Renewable Energy Industry Development Report

China New Energy and Renewable Energy Industry Development Reportis an annual report, which is sponsored by Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES) and undertaken by the newsroom of China New Energy Development Information. By associating with Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, well-known experts from all over the country are organized together to comply the report elaborately. In the report, the industry status and development of new energy and renewable energy of our country for the whole past year are introduced. From enormous accurate statistical data and sufficient discuss, the industry configuration and development status are revealed from different point of views. More than that, the business strategy and competitive capacity of major enterprises are evaluated comprehensively. The developing prospect are also introduced a year ahead with a vision of the future, which is going to boost the industry to keep developing continuously and healthily.   


 China New Energy

China New Energy, with ISSN 1816-3580, is a comprehensive monthly in new energy industries. It was originally published in  2005and is sponsored by Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC) and supported by Ministry of Science & Technology. The main clients of the magazine are mainly from enterprise and institution, research institutions and universities throughout the country. The major content of the magazine includes frontier observation, policies and regulations, international cooperation, industrial updates, exclusive interview, cover focus, biomass special, primary scene, technical progress, energy forum, marker information, papers on energy, patent information, category information (exhibition information, supply and demand, enterprises cards and etc.)