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Restore the heat pipe heat exchanger technology


To restore the heat pipe heat exchanger technology, a Steel chemical incompatibility will lead to ordinary heat pipe of his working life is short, performance, instability, steel heat pipe of his working life in general is still only 2 to 3 years, far from being able to meet the engineering requirements. The invention of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Energy In addition to hydrogen oxidation heat pipe technology to overcome the chemical incompatibility phenomena of molten steel, with high efficiency, excellent performance and create a simple, reliable, etc., used the technology to restore the heat pipe heat exchanger device is currently the longest working life, the best performance of the steel heat pipe, the working life of more general steel heat pipe to extend more than doubled. Wear life increased nearly doubled, to maintain simple, Assembly and Disassembly convenient, easy to replace, is able to meet the requirements of the majority of industrial heat transfer enhancement of advanced equipment.

The achievement is of advanced international level, has been successfully promote the use of more than 80 projects, has made China's invention patents, U.S. patents and Japanese patents; the same time in 1995 was awarded the China Patent Award of Excellence and the 1996 by the United Nations Science and Technology Star Award for invention and innovation; in 1993, Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Progress Award received second prize as well as the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award second prize, the Guangzhou Branch of the prize; also as state-level new products, included in the "15" national key scientific and technological achievements promotion program.