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Bio-diesel is a typical "green energy", its performance and 0 # diesel oil are similar, can replace the 0 # diesel oil. The main processing methods for the chemical, bio-enzymatic synthesis of bio-diesel, Guangzhou Institute of Energy after five years of small scale, pilot studies, through the plug flow reactor and solid acid-base catalyst for the development, the formation of a set of chemical synthesis of biodiesel the new process.

The establishment of a continuous 150 tons / year bio-diesel pilot lines. Independent intellectual property rights through the chemical method of solid acid-base catalyst for production of bio-diesel new technology to address the need to be addressed by the traditional chemical method of liquid catalyst for follow-up to washing process, to avoid the production of secondary effluent, bio-diesel to achieve an average conversion rate of 94% or more, bio-diesel yield of not less than 86% of the research objectives, developed a series of production standards of appropriate evaluation indicators for industrial production of bio-diesel provides a theoretical basis. Designed annual output of 10,000 tons demonstration project has been completed in Tianjin.
Project has received national science and technology research, 863, the National Fund, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Province, Guangdong and Hong Kong more than 10 items of the tender and other support to various projects to apply for invention patents 6, utility model patents, two published papers related to more than 40 articles. Research and development has reached the international advanced level, with Sweden, Italy, Korea, Germany, has established extensive cooperation and exchange relations.