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Synthesis of biomass liquid fuels and chemicals


To carry out production of liquid fuel from biomass conversion processes and synthetic chemicals, basic research and development of technology integration.

Synthesis of dimethyl ether
To biomass waste as raw materials, will be in the fixed-bed or circulating fluidized bed biomass gasification, into H2, CO, CO2 and other components, and then through the gas purification, in the reforming reactor under the influence of the catalyst re-engineering to adjust the H2, CO ratio in the catalyst synthesis of dimethyl ether under the influence. Achieved in the 100-ton small devices by the biomass of green one-step synthesis of dimethyl ether fuel a continuous and stable operation. Per ton of dry biomass can produce 0.2 tons of dimethyl ether, dimethyl ether, purity 99.9%. Kiloton industrialization model is under construction.

Waste tire recycling
Against the increasingly serious issue of recycling waste tires, will vacuum pyrolysis and catalytic technologies combined at a lower temperature and residence time from waste tires, under pyrolysis contain high concentrations of limonene oil products, and improve Pyrolytic carbon black quality, can be widely used in wastewater and polluted air governance, through the distillation of limonene enriched product can be used as high-quality solvent, used in detergents, paints, solvents, etc., can be refined limonene in the pharmaceutical industry, has a good anti-cancer effects.

Alcohols from biomass
Continuous development of auto-hydrolysis and ultra-low-acid hydrolysis reactor and process conditions to optimize, through the cellulose enzyme immobilization technology, wood cellulose biomass hydrolyzate detoxification treatment and efficient fermentation of bacteria built to study the chemical decomposition of glucose system of ethanol, the development of cellulase genetic engineering bacteria.

The study by the State 973,863, the National Fund Committee, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Province, a total of more than 10 national and provincial-level projects supported by 15 patent applications and published papers more than 60 articles, hydrogen and synthetic liquid biomass fuel in 2005 by Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award third prize.