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Biomass gasification power generation technology


The results for China's agricultural waste resources were more dispersed and varied characteristics, in order to circulating fluidized bed gasification and gas purification as the core technology, developed in line with China's national conditions of small and medium-scale application of agricultural waste gasification power generation technology and devices , to realize China's modernization of agricultural production, develop a recycling-based agricultural economy has important practical significance and long-term strategic significance.

Developed a highly efficient gasification of agricultural waste purification, gas-fired power generation and waste heat utilization of the complete system, the development has a special structure, biomass fluidized bed gasification device, invented hybrid gasification of biomass gasification technology and composite technology, developed a simple and reliable The gasification process for agricultural waste gas purification process.

The results of development of the highest power generation efficiency of power generation system at or above the level of small-scale coal-fired power generation technology, equipment, all of the localization system integrated technical and economic indicators in the international advanced level. 13 patents have been awarded China Patent Excellence Award, Guangdong Province, the patent gold, Guangdong Province, one of the patent award. Published four monographs and published more than 100 papers. Promotion of power station 27, received first prize in Guangdong Province Science and Technology 1 Technology Award, second prize a national scientific and technological progress second prize, third prize of a total of nine provincial and ministerial awards.