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Auto-dimming energy-efficient coated glass


A kind of energy with the ambient temperature automatically change the shading coefficient of energy-efficient coated glass, after optimization of optical design, showing excellent optical properties and energy-saving effect. This coating glass with a variety of functions, including a high thermal insulation properties, anti-static, UV absorption and photocatalyst, etc.. The overall performance of the coated glass: With the auto-dimming at room temperature, thermal insulation, multi-functional integration.
VO2 thin film has established low-temperature deposition process, at low doping concentration so that VO2 phase transition temperature dropped to 28 ℃, through the multi-layer system structure parameters and the optimization of preparation process, so that the heat obtained photochromic coated glass to achieve practical requirements. The use of photocatalytic properties of TiO2 and UV absorption characteristics, both the thermal color smart glass, self-cleaning and UV-shielding function, is under construction coating pilot production line.

The coating can be applied to the glass doors and windows of buildings and travel and so on, especially for high-performance energy-efficient glass curtain wall. The project received two Academy of Sciences Hundred Talents project, 2 863 projects as well as Hong Kong and Guangdong tenders and a total of 10 countries fund projects a number of provincial and ministerial support for the project. 10 has applied for invention patent, utility model patents 3.