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The formation of gas hydrate decomposition mechanism, exploitation and application of technology research


Basic problems for the gas hydrate carried out a gas hydrate phase equilibrium, thermodynamics, kinetics and other basic research, for gas hydrate exploration, exploitation and utilization provide the basic data and theoretical guidance for the development of efficient, low-cost storage of natural gas transmission, suppression techniques and the "warm ice" energy storage technology to provide support. Established China's first comprehensive hydrate Research Center, the international community first discovered methane hydrate thermal conductivity coefficient of thermal characteristics of the vitreous is proposed to assess the amount of natural gas hydrate resources in new ways. CO2 emission reductions for the current hot issue, launched a flue gas and synthetic gas hydrates in CO2 Separation of key technologies for the future of trapping CO2 provides a new way of energy saving.
This study supported by the National 863, the National Fund and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Hundred Talents and directional projects, a total of more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial-level project support and published more than 100 papers published in two monographs, more than 10 pieces of invention patents authorized , registration software products 2; access to the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Award for scientific and technological progress of science and technology second prize two, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology Award second prize and third prize of one.