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Comprehensive Utilization of geothermal energy


Geothermal is a clean renewable energy. It has heat flux density, easy to collect and transport, parameter stability, and ease of use and so on.
The project research and development of a set of comprehensive utilization of geothermal energy cascade system, the core technology "Water-based two lithium bromide absorption chiller," has been successfully applied to heat, electricity, cold-supply, especially for Fujian, Guangdong and Hainan provinces have a good geothermal resources areas. Geothermal drying device, drying agricultural products on the 500kg; the use of the hot water bath and spa for the heat emissions of the establishment of breeding pools suitable for breeding fish, such as the soft-shelled turtles, etc.; the use of pond water to maintain the temperature of the surrounding land fish ponds, planting tourism environment suitable for tropical ornamental plants and flowers, to promote local tourism development and stimulate local economies play an important role, with good promotional value.
The project is national, support for multiple projects in Guangdong Province, has 8 patents, development of aquaculture with the heat pump system won in 1989, Guangzhou Branch of the Scientific and Technological Progress Award for first prize, 1994, received an annual state-level new products, Guangdong Province, level key new products, "two hot LiBr absorption refrigeration system", Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Progress in 1995, second prize, geothermal resource utilization in 2006 were in Guangdong Province Science and Technology Award third prize.