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The utilization of Ocean energy in theory and technology


The project from start to carry out national strategic requirements and the use of ocean wave energy research and technology development, the establishment of the oscillating water column, wave energy system, the control system model, the development of an advanced wave energy capture technologies. Achieved without the need for an external power under the conditions of wave energy independent and stable power generation, for the first time the establishment of a multilateral system of ocean state space model, the results have been repeatedly cited international counterparts for the country's ocean wave energy utilization has provided an important theoretical basis and technical base.

Ocean wave energy through the use of theory and technology research, and built a two shore-type wave power station, its power both into the grid, you can also run off-grid, in order to isolate the user to provide electricity; developed a series of wave-power buoy lamp devices and aids to navigation lights to a mechanical wave-power device, the coastal waterway navigation light buoy the ideal long-term power supply, used in domestic and international aids to navigation area.
The achievement has been reached the international advanced level, promoting the use of more than 700 sets. Second prize of scientific and technological achievements by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Science Award for second prize and the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award for second prize.