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Advanced air conditioning and energy-saving technology research


The project through the air-conditioning technology research, improve the energy efficiency of air-conditioning system, the effective realization of the shift peak load valley filling.
Latent heat transport of high-density central air-conditioning technology, using a good liquid phase change materials will be contained in unit volume of cold water up to 3-4 times, a significant reduction in cold medium containing the circular flow, the overall energy saving of 20 -50%; dynamic ice-storage technology in order to take over the system of ice cold water slurry, with ice-making energy-efficient, load response performance is good, the venue outstanding advantages such as adaptability to solve the ice slurry generated in the process of super-cooling block, ultrasound and promote crystal, as well as the solid content online testing and other key technologies, to establish an industrial demonstration system; hydrate ice hockey-style high-temperature storage air conditioning technology to the freezing point is higher than 0 ℃ hydrate as the medium, using a special additive to promote ice hockey in high-temperature hydration The rapid crystallization of Compound Solutions, using a special anti-corrosion and anti-aging additives to ensure that hydrate pairs of hockey and equipment does not produce damage, energy efficiency can be increased by 25% or more; ice-storage multi-line technology, to solve multi-joint integrated ice-storage air-conditioning control, efficient ice-making, as well as high melting ice and other key technologies, successfully developed a direct evaporation of ice storage technology.
The study by the State 863, the National Natural Science Foundation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Province, more than 10 items of provincial level or higher support for projects to apply for more than 20 invention patents, more than 60 articles published scientific papers.