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Research Flat

  GIEC make much account on research flatform. All research flats are open. They are both carrier of research projects and bridge of international communion and cooperation. Many important national and local research projects of new energy, renewable energy, saving energy and environmental protection fields are implemented upon these flatforms. They are as follows,

Guangzhou Center for Gas Hydrate Research, CAS
   It was founded relying on GIEC in May 2004. It is one of core bases of theory research and technology innovation for natural gas hydrate in China. Council, consultative committee and learning committee were set up to monitor and instruct daily jobs and learning activities in this center.

Guangdong Biomass Energy Engineering Technical R & D Center
   It was founded relying on GIEC in May 2004. According to demands of biomass energy R & D chain, it develops biomass cleaning energy utilization technology, and to improve renewable energy utilization level of Guangdong province. On the other hand, it does system designs and commercial extension for different technical route and consumers, and to fish out an appropriate commercial mode through demonstration running and commercial management.

Guangdong New Energy Productivity Center
   It was founded relying on GIEC in November 1999. It supplies integrate services, for example, new energy R & D, consultation, training, and so on, in order to promote technical advancement and innovation of Guangdong middling and small enterprises in new energy, energy saving and environmental protection fields.

Guangdong CDM Technical Research Service Center
   It was founded relying on GIEC in December 2007. It is managed by council. GIEC and GDTC supply technology support for it. In order to promote sustainable development of Guangdong and large Pearl River delta and implementation of Tokyo Protocol, new and renewable energy researches have being done here, and suitable local CDM methodology and CDM projects have being exploited actively, and advanced technologies and fund are fetched in from advanced countries.

National International R & D Center of Renewable Energy General Technology
   It was authorized and founded by MOST and SAFEA. It takes full advantage of resource of science and technology and experts in renewable energy field all over the world, upgrade the level of international science and technology cooperation, realizes integrative development of projects, base and person with ability, supply powerful support for Chinese sustainable development.

Guangdong International Science & Technology Cooperation Demonstration Base of Renewable Energy General Technology
   To create good cooperation environment in Guangdong and promote more broad intercommunion and cooperation in new and renewable energy technology research and industry between Guangdong and other countries through working in and working out, then to upgrade Guangdong independent innovation capacity of renewable energy field.