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Non-carbon Energy Research Center


  Non-carbon Energy Research Center pays much attention to the research of key technology and integrated technology, and transforms the S&T production to some corporations. The main research fields include geothermal power, geothermal refrigeration and heat pump, solar thermal and power, solar energy material, Wave Energy Conversion, Islands Renewable Energy Utilization etc. Since the Seventh five-year National Development Framework Program of China, this center has already accomplished 6 national key projects and about 70 research assignments from Chinese Academy of Sciences, international cooperation and regional commissions. This center has acquired some important achievements in the field of geothermal energy use, solar energy use and ocean energy use, including over 10 national and departmental rewards, 50 patents, about 230 research papers, and 4 study books.


  Research Directions

  Ø     Solar Energy Laboratory

  1.    Solar thermal utilization technology

  2.    Photovoltaic materials and systems

  3.    Solar energy thin film material

  Ø     Technology of Geothermal Energy Integrated Use

  1.    Mid-low temperature geothermal power technology

  2.    Ground source heat pump technology

  3.    Geothermal refrigeration technology

  Ø     Technology of Ocean Energy Use

  1.    High efficiency wave energy conversion Technology

  2.   Islands renewable energy power and integrated utilization technology

  3.   Basic Research on Water Wave Mechanics