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Natural Gas Hydrate Research Center


Natural Gas Hydrate Research Center in GIEC has studied on hydrates since early 1990's. Now it is the main platform of Guangzhou Center for Natural Gas Hydrate Research, CAS. Recently, the Center is equipped with some state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, including hydrate thermodynamic and kinetic experimental system, high-pressure Visual PVT apparatus, powder X-ray Diffraction equipment, etc. In the recent years, more papers have been published in J Geophys Res, J Phys Chem, J Chem Phys, Ind Eng Chem Res, J Chem Thermodynamics, Fluid Phase Equilib, etc. In addition, we have undertaken a lot of projects supported by the national and local government, CAS, and other major hydrocarbon production and service companies, including China National Petroleum Corp and China National Offshore Oil Corp. we have founded a good relationship with other research institutes and universities, such as other institutes of CAS, China University of Petroleum, Chinese Geological Survey, University of British Columbia, Colorado School Mines, Moscow State University. We hope that more academic organizations and companies would contact us and cooperate with us.

Research Directions

l     Fundamental Research of Natural Gas Hydrate: Flow assurance, PVT and properties of reservoir fluids, gas hydrates in sediments, applications of gas hydrates, alternative energy and energy conversion/storage.

l     R&D of Gas Hydrate Exploitation and Utilization: Natural gas hydrates in the earth, Innovative clean energy technologies based on gas hydrate crystallization, CO2 capture and storage and Production technology, Gas hydrates in the oil and gas industry.

Accumulations and Geochemical investigation of gas hydrate in offshore South China Sea.