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Biomass Energy Research Center


Biomass Energy Research Center specializes in the research and development of biomass energy technologies. The main research fields include biomass bio-chemical conversion technologies, biomass thermal-chemical conversion technologies, biomass-based chemical production technologies, waste treatment and utilization technologies. The researches focus on biodiesel, fuel ethanol, biomass pyrolysis and gasification, biomass gasification and power generation, synthesized fuels, bio-oil up-grading, MSW comprehensive utilization etc. The research center started to undertake national research tasks as early as the Sixth Five-year National Development Framework Program of China, and has already accomplished 7 national key projects and , about 40 research assignments from Chinese Academy of Sciences, international cooperation and regional commissions. The main research projects include “Biomass gasification and power generation optimized systems and its demonstration projects”, “200t/d energy-self supported MSW comprehensive utilization system”, “Key technologies in DME synthesis from biomass gasification”, “Developing strategic research on biomass fuel oil” etc. By 20 years’ arduous works, the group has acquired some important achievements in the field of biomass gasification technologies and waste treatment technologies, including over 10 national and departmental rewards, 30 pieces of patents, about 300 pieces of research papers and 5 study books on biomass energy technologies. Nowadays, Biomass Energy Research Center is one of the key nationwide biomass research groups in China.


  Research Directions

  Ø     Biomass Bio-chemical Conversion Technologies

  Biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol technologies

  Ø     Biomass Thermal-chemical Conversion Technologies

  Pyrolysis, gasification and combustion technologies for converting biomass to fuels and power

  Ø   Biomass-based Chemical Production Technologies

  Liquid fuel synthesis and Bio-oil up-grading technologies  

  Ø     Waste Treatment and Utilization Technologies

    Pollution emission and control mechanisms during energy utilization process, MSW treatment and utilization, other waste disposal technologies