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Applied and Basic Research Center


Applied and Basic Research Center


 In the application background of energy, information, aerospace, biology and testing technologies, for satisfying the national economical and social development requirements, the subjects studied in the center focus on the scientific principles of flow, mixing, transfer, reaction and combustion processes in multi-scale conditions, which aim at high efficiency, low-pollution, low-cost, miniaturization and integration of the energy systems. The center includes four research directions, micro energy system, advanced combustion technology, chemical hydrogen production and fuel cell.


Research Directions:

■ Micro Energy System

Micro Energy System Laboratory majors in the researches of cross-scale and multi-scale modeling in micro energy system; thermal management on high heat flux electronics and aerospace facility; micro power system for the micro/nano satellite; enhancement of the Industry energy conversion process.

Advanced Combustion Technology

Advanced combustion Laboratory majors in the researches of micro-scale combustion theory and technology; oxygenated alternative fuel combustion and unregulated pollutant control; multi-scale combustion strengthening and stabilization; complicated combustion modeling and numerical simulation; recovery technology and device of low-grade waste heat.

Hydrogen Production and Utilization Laboratory

Hydrogen Production and Utilization Laboratory focuses on hydrogen generation from catalytic reforming of biomass and its derivatives, PEM electrolysis of water, and photolysis of water, and on material for hydrogen energy, photocatalytic reduction of CO2.

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell Laboratory majors in the material research & development and device application in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEFC) and SOMs direct fuel cells (such as DMFC, DEFC, DFAFC); fuel cell assembly techniques; investigation of theory and technologies of co-generating power system with bio-fuel and fuel cells.