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Professor Erwin Suess Visited in Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion

   Dr. Erwin Suess, who is a professor at Leibniz-Institute for Marine Sciences in Kiel University in Germany, was invited to have a visit in Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC) and Guangzhou Center for Gas Hydrate Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, on Feb. 24, 2008. During his visit, Professor Suess was appointed as the honor professor of GIEC, issued by the director of GIEC, Wu Chuangzhi.    Professor Suess has engaged in the ocean science research for a long time. His research interests include: burial and decomposition of organic material in the ocean, reconstruction of ocean productivity and convergent margin tectonics, marine natural gas hydrates and their environmental influences. He made great success at these research fields and initiated the research area in marine gas hydrate in Europe. Prof. Erwin Suess has also taken over the researches into the marine scientific explorations and drillings all over the world with the German marine exploration and ODP ships for many times, and made a outstanding contribution to the investigation into the exploration of natural gas hydrate recourse in the north of South China Sea.     During his visit, Director Wu introduced the research fields in GIEC into Professor Suess. Then they discussed about the hot topics of energy researches and the possibility of the future collaboration. After the discussion, Professor Suess gave a presentation with the topic “Options to Reduce Carbon Dioxide in the Global Environment—Current status on sub-seabed storage and implementation of conventional and innovative options”, in which the advantages, current research situation and key technologies about CO2 sequestration in the ocean were introduced. Afterwards, Professor Suess visited in the Center for gas hydrate research in GIEC, and gave a great appreciation for the research achievements in gas hydrate in GIEC.    During his visit, Professor Suess gave many valuable and constructive advices in the hydrate researches of GIEC. The academic communication with both sides lays the substantial foundation for the collaboration in the future.


Li xiaosheng
2008 - 4 - 30