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Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion held the International Conference

   ICBT 2008 was held at the Guangzhou BaiYun International Convention Center on 3rd – 5th Dec, 2008. The conference was organized by Chinese Renewable Energy Society and Chinese Bioenergy Association, sponsored by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, WWF and National Natural Science Foundation of China. And the undertaker was Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, CAS.
   The conference included plenary session, oral session, poster session and technical tour. On Dec.3rd, 10 scientists gave plenary lectures. Prof. Chuangzhi Wu, the Chair of ICBT2008 and the president of GIEC, gave a lecture about “The Status and Future of Bioenergy in China”. Professor Thomas E. Amidon (USA), the co-chair of the ICBT2008, gave a speech titled as “Biorefinery: Conversion of Woody Biomass to Chemicals and Energy”. Professor Jose Moreira of Brazil CENBIO gave a speech about “Liquid Biomass Fuels – How Much Renewable Are They”. Vice director of Chinese Academy of Forestry Fuxiang Chu gave a speech about “Bio-based New Materials – the Key Direction for Traditional Energy Substitution”. In the afternoon, Prof. -Charles Dismukes of the Princeton University and Prof. Adriaan van Heiningen coming from Maine University of USA gave the lectures on the hydrogen production from biomass and the gasification of black liquid respectively. Peter Schrum, the president of German Bio and Renewable Fuel Association gave the lecture on “biofuels in German” and the senior researcher Tong Boitin introduced two biogas cases in Germany. Finally Tianwei Tan, the vice president of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, gave the lecture titled as “New Feedstock Routes for Biodiesel Production”. At the same time, the poster session and Achievements exhibition of Member Unites of Chinese Bioenergy Association were carried out on the exhibition area.
   On Dec.4th, the oral session began and it was divided into four sections: “Jatropha and Biodiesel”, “Biomass Gasification and Pyrolysis”, “Fuel Ethanol and Hydrogen”, “Industrialization and Other Technologies”.
   On Dec.5th, delegates visited the Municipal Wastes Processing Plant in Boluo and the Municipal Wastes Power Plant in Guangzhou.
    The ICBT 2008 provided a communication and learning platform for Domestic and foreign research institutes, also for the Small and Medium-sized biomass energy enterprises. ICBT2008 promoted Chinese biomass energy technology research and international cooperation. It helped the collaboration among Chinese biomass energy industry, international companies and financial institutes. More than 600 people attended the conference. The conference achieved great success.


Xinsu Zhuang
2008 - 12 -09