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Advanced combustion lab make the significant international meeting of NSFC- JST project in Japan

    According to the research schedule of China-Japan NSFC-JST international Cooperative Research Project Fundamental Study on Micro Power System Using Innovative Micro Combustor”, Member of the project group: Professor, Daiqing Zhao, senior researcher, LiQiao Jiang and Senior engineer Weibing Yang have gone to Japan for the project meeting on 30th Nov-2nd Dec.
    The project meeting was held at Nagoya University. Professor, Yamashita, (Japan), Daiqing, zhao Professor (China), Hokkaido University associate professor, Nakamura, Giec LiQiao Jiang introduce the latest information about project research development and made arrangement of project research for next year.
    On 3rd -5th Dec, the 46th Japan combustion annual conference was held in Tokyo. Chinese project group contributed two research papers, which are supported by the NSFC-JST project. The theme of the thesis are “Experimental study on structure optimizing of a cylindrical self-thermal insulation miniature combustor” and “Experimental investigation of methane/air penetration combustion and flame stability characteristics on porous wall surface”,At the conference scene, the researchers of related field have exchange the opinions about the content and results of the thesis.




translator:   panjun
2008 - 12 -12