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Delegation of GE visit Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion

  October 10, 2009, five members of Dr. Danielle W. Merfeld who is the Solar CTO(Chief Technology Officer) for Global R&D Center of GE(General Electric), Mr. Wang who is the general management for Chinese R&D Center of GE(General Electric) and so on, came to visit GIEC (Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion), have hospitable reception from Wu Chuangzhi, the Director of GIEC.
  This is the GE’s second visit to GIEC. Mr. Wang, the general management for Chinese R&D Center of GE, said that the aim of this visit was to further the implementation cooperation of solar cell for both sides, discussed the detailed form and content of cooperation research. Then, Mr. Wang introduced the progress of cooperation this period , and pleased to have the suggestion from Mr. Wu, Director of GIEC. Mr. Wu claimed that the emphasis of cooperation was to find the common interests which accords with required directions and tasks for the development of China and locality, and the aim of cooperate was that it could be made technological breakthrough and ultimately be formed industrialization. Mr. Wu said it was of very significance to cooperate research in Solar and then promoted the industry development of Solar in Guangdong Province.