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Dr. KOBAYASHI Noriyuki started working in Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion


Dr. KOBAYASHI Noriyuki, specially invited senior international scientist from Nagoya University, visited Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC) on Jan. 9; together with his assistant, Dr. Huanghong. Chenyong, president of The Guangzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Wu Chuangzhi, president of GIEC, gave warm welcome to the guests.

As a specially invited senior international scientist, Dr. KOBAYASHI Noriyuki  was awarded a certificate by Wu Chuangzhi, who is on behalf of GIEC. Dr. KOBAYASHI Noriyuki  said that he is very delight with the academic exchange and technical cooperation carried out with GIEC in the low-carbon and energy-saving fields. Dr. KOBAYASHI Noriyuki  also introduced his research work in Japan and the important achievement he obtained.

After the discussion, it concluded that the cooperation of two sides in this year is going to focus on the new type of pump and efficient combustion of biomass, which is going to prompt the application of relevant technique in China.