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Carbon Auditor Training in Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion


From May 25 to 27, Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC) invited the Swiss Standard Technical Services Co., Ltd. (SGS) to give three-day training about ISO14064 international greenhouse gas quantification and inventory. Personnel and students from Energy Strategy Research Center and Combustion Laboratory of GIEC attended the training which is going to establish a solid foundation for carbon check work in the future.

Through real case studies, in class communications and after class practices, participants learned the objectives and principles of utilizing ISO14064 standard and could apply theoretical knowledge to deal with various cases, such as identification and quantification of GHG, GHG inventory skills and methodologies, as well as validation and verification of GHG inventory reports. Trainees also participated in a test at the end of training aiming for obtaining internal assessor certification to carry out in coming GHG emission inventory works. 

ISO 14064 is an international standard for measuring, reporting and verifying GHG emissions. By utilizing ISO 14064, organizations can fully understand their emission situation and possible GHG emission responsibility and risks that organizations can tap the most cost-effective emission reduction opportunities and then establish a good image of social responsibility.