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Dynamic Ice Storage Technology settles down Guangzhou Knowledge City


Foundation laying stone ceremony for China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City was held in Luogang District, Guang dong province in the afternoon of June 30. It is a symbolic strategic cooperation project between Singapore and Guangdong province. In the ceremony, 33 projects involving in 13 different fields were signed.

WU Chuangzhi, the present of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, attended the ceremony. He, on behalf of GIEC, signed an agreement with management committee of Guangzhou Economic Development Zone (GEDZ) in applying dynamic ice storage industrialization technology in central air-conditioning of the city. The management committee of GEDZ promised to extend vigorous supports to the development of dynamic ice storage project.

Dynamic ice storage technology is an up-to-date ice storage technology with various advantages such as high efficiency, occupying small areas and minimum investment alone with maximum benefits. Especially, it plays an important role in Electric Peak load shifting and power load balancing. It has been considered as one of the three sustainable energy-saving and discharge-reducing technologies in our country. The technology has been applied in many industry fields including commercial constructions, aluminum manufacturing and so on. The settlement of the technology in Guangzhou Knowledge city will speed up the industrialization of the technology.