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Project “Biomass High-efficiency Transformation and Biorefinery” Startup Meeting in Guangzhou


Initial meeting of the project “biomass high-efficiency transformation and biorefinery”, national 863 key program, was held in Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC) in July 11. More than 40 people attended the meeting, including representatives from the related organizations and people in charge of the project. The meeting was chaired by Ma Longlong, vise present of GIEC。

The project was officially approved on Mar.23, 2010. Total amount of the contract is 26.74 million RMB. This project is mainly targeted to solve the technical difficulties consisting in the process of biomass utilization, such as recourse restrict, difficulties in biomass pretreatment and energy transformation; as well as the bottleneck of the industrialization development. It's focused on core technique in biofuel manufacturing and overall high efficiency in process, and it will be further set up a base as an integral technique reference model

The project is in the charge of Bioenergy and Biobased Products Innovation Alliance (BBIA), including GIEC (Deputy Director-General U.), Beijing University of Chemical Technology, XINAO Scientific and Technological Development Company Limited, Chengdu Institute of Biology (Chinese Academy of Sciences), China University of Petroleum, National Bio Energy Co., Ltd. (NBE) and Tsinghua University.