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GIEC, Siemens Initiate Collaborative Project in Guangzhou


Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIEC) and Siemens Limited China (SLC) signed an agreement on collaborative research project to promote Guangzhou’s sustainable development on Aug. 10.

WU Nengyou, deputy president of GIEC, and YAO Zhengguo, general manager of the Energy Fossil Division and senior vice president of SLC,attended the signing ceremony.

According to their introduction at the ceremony, the project would take the advantage of Siemens’ expertise and international experience and GIEC’s research strengths to find a solution that is practical to Guangzhou’s development and meets the international standard as well. The project would also help Guangzhou deal with climate change to make it a livable, ecology-friendly and environment-friendly city.

In addition, the project would boost the exchange of advanced technology and set an example for other cities in China.