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Shangu, GIEC Seek Cooperation


Dr. CAO Bin, technical director of Xi’an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd., visited Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIEC) on Aug. 27 to discuss cooperation in solid waste treatment, biomass utilization and waste heat generation.

CAO introduced the company’s plan on broadening business in environmental protection, saying this trip aimed to establish a demonstration project of solid waste treatment in cooperation with GIEC and to commercially modularize and market cogeneration, water treatment and waste disposal by utilizing the company’s technology of water treatment and GIEC’s technology of waste disposal.

LI Haibin, director of Biomass Energy Centre in GIEC, introduced solid waste treatment, biomass utilization and waste heat generation projects of GIEC, saying that by combining GIEC’s technologies with the existing water treatment technology and system of Shaangu, the advantage of water sorting can be put into full play during the process of solid waste pretreatment, and thus the treatment efficiency of solid waste can be improved.

CAO also took a trip to the research base in Boluo County, Guangdong province, to investigate the projects of solid waste treatment and biomass utilization.