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ENEA Expert Visits GIEC


Dr. Eng. Mauro Vignolini, expert from Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Environment (ENEA,) paid a visit to Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion from February 1 to 2.

In the afternoon of February 1st, Dr. Eng. Mauro Vignolini delivered an academic report named “Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy”, in which he explicitly introduced the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology in Italy. In addition, he also elaborated the innovative technologies and main features possessed by Archmede Solar Power Plant.

In the morning of Feburary 2nd, the two sides held a symposium. During the discussion, professor Nengyou Wu, vice director of GIEC, firstly gave a brief introduction of GIEC. And then, professor Lei Miao, Deputy Director of Solar Energy Lab, introduced GIEC’s research arrangements and progresses in the field of solar power and solar energy materials. Dr. Eng. Mauro Vignolini highly praised the scientific accomplishments GIEC had yielded, and also expressed his willingness for future cooperation. The two sides conducted an in-depth discussion, exchanging views on the possibility, direction and detailed ways for future collaboration. After the symposium, Dr. Eng. Mauro Vignolini was also invited to visit the Solar Power Material Laboratory.

In conclusion, Dr. Eng. Mauro Vignolini’s visit enhanced our mutual understanding, especially in the field of CSP (Concentrated Solar Power), laying a solid foundation for further communication and cooperation between the two sides.