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Oman Delegation visits GIEC


On April 14, a delegation from TRC (The Research Council of Oman) paid a visit to GIEC. The delegation group was composed of three members, namely, Hilal Al-Hinai (Secretary General of the council), Saif Abdullah Al-Hiddabi (Deputy Secretary General of the council), and H.H.Sayyid Taimur Al-Said (Deputy Secretary General and also a royal member).

During the symposium, professor Haibin Li firstly expressed warmest welcome to the guests and then gave a brief introduction of GIEC. The delegation showed intense interest in the accomplishments GIEC has yielded in the fields of green building technology, solar energy material and solar cooling, etc. So they conducted heated discussion with GIEC experts on these issues. Hilal Al-Hinai said afterwards that, learning technologies of new energy and renewable energy is of great significance for the sustainable development of Oman, thus longing to strengthen the relationship and expand cooperation with GIEC. The delegation also visited some laboratories such as Solar Energy Lab after the symposium.