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GIEC visits Western Kentucky University


Haibin Li (Assistant Director of GIEC) and Fang He (an associate researcher in GIEC) paid a visit to Western Kentucky University from May 14th to 16th, 2011.

They visited professor Weiping Pan and Dr. Yan Cao, the president and vice president of ICSET (Institute for Combustion Science and Environmental Technology, WKU) respectively. Professor Weiping Pan introduced the researches done and latest progresses achieved by ICSET in the fields of measurement and control of heavy metal emission from coal combustion flue gas, biomass energy conversion utilization and chemical chain combustion, etc. Haibin Li gave a brief introduction to the colleges in ICSET about the general condition and main research fields of GIEC. After the meeting, Haibin li and Fang He visited the labs, accompanied by professor Weiping Pan. Both parties discussed the possible international exchange programs and ways for cooperation in the future. They agreed to carry out joint research in the fields of heavy metal emission control and chemical chain combustion, etc.