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GIEC Held an Argumentation Meeting for the Ocean Energy Project


On May 13th, 2011, GIEC organized an expert argumentation meeting for “The Platform of Launching and Recycling Wave Energy Device”, a national-level ocean energy research project undertaken by GIEC.

Yage You, director of ocean energy laboratory in GIEC, delivered a report on the construction plan of this project, in which he elaborated the platform design as well as the launching and recycling techniques. The participating experts earnestly analyzed every link in the construction and application process of the platform, pointed out possible dangers and provided valuable suggestions for improvement. Through heated discussion, several plans were proposed, such as the plan of increasing the height of vertical tank so as to realize electrical corrosion prevention and more potential stability, as well as the plan of adding slideway and corresponding lifting facilities. All of these plans are of great significance to further improving the platform construction. GIEC would deepen its research in this program based on the suggestions put forward by the expert group.