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A Delegation from National Taiwan University visits GIEC


On May 25th, 2011, professor Liren Chen, professor Yanping Chen and associate professor Xiangtai Lin from National Taiwan University (NTU) visited Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion and its Natural Gas Hydrate Research Center.

Professor Nengyou Wu, deputy director of GIEC and managing director of Guangzhou Center for Gas Hydrate Research, briefly introduced the institutional organization, discipline construction, talents nurturing, research fields and recent research progress of GIEC and its Natural Gas Hydrate Research Center. Professor Xiaosen Li and Deqing Liang from GIEC presented academic reports named “Natural Gas Hydrate Exploitation Technology” and “Natural Gas Hydrate Utilization Technology” respectively, while professor Liren Chen, Yanping Chen and Xiangtai Lin also delivered inspiring reports on “Theoretical Model of Natural Gas Hydrate”, “Experimental Measurement of Natural Gas Hydrate” and “Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Natural Gas Hydrate” respectively. Demonstrating great interest in the academic reports, both parties conducted in-depth discussion with each other and probed into the possibility for future cooperation in research and staff development.

After the meeting, three experts also visited the equipments and relevant testing facilities involving some experiments independently developed by Guangzhou Center for Gas Hydrate Research, including the experiment of natural gas hydrate synthesis and thermodynamics, methane hydrate replacement by carbon dioxide, CO2 separation, experimental simulation of natural gas hydrate exploitation, gas hydrate inhibitor and solid storage and transportation of gas hydrate. The experts highly appreciated these advance facilities independently developed by GIEC.