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Professor Char-Shine Liu from Taiwan University Visits GIEC


Professor Char-Shine Liu from Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University took a visit to Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC) and gave a presentation on September 9th 2011.

The topic of the presentation was “Seismic Investigation of the Yung-An Ridge Gas Hydrate Field Offshore Southwestern Taiwan”. Prof. Liu gave a general overview of gas hydrate investigation in Taiwan firstly, and then introduced the detail information including geological, geochemical and geophysical features of Yung-An Ridge offshore southwestern Taiwan, a gas hydrate potential area. The speech enlightened us on gas hydrate research in gas hydrate deposit area, the Northern Slop of the Southern China Sea, especially on the research of thermodynamic, dynamic and reservoir formation.

After the seminar, Prof. Liu met Prof. Nengyou Wu, Prof. Xiaosen Li and Prof. Deqing Liang, and visited the laboratories of Guangzhou Center of Gas Hydrate Research, CAS.

The visiting of Prof. Liu exchanged the academic information, enhanced the understanding between GIEC and Taiwan University, which played a key role on the cooperation of both sides, on academic research and young scientist exchanging.