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Dr. Fidel ángel Castro Díaz-Balart from Cuba Paid a Visit to GIEC


Dr. Fidel Ángel Castro Díaz-Balart, the Science and Technology Advicer for the Council of State Affairs of Cuba, paid a visit to GIEC on Oct. 19. He was accompanied by Mr. Héctor Conde Almeida, the first secretary of Cuban Embassy in China, Mr. Yangbing Ding, Deputy Director of First Department of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Mr. Han Jiang from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Nengyou Wu, deputy dirctor of GIEC, welcomed the visiting group.

Mr. Nengyou Wu extended warmly welcome to the arrival of the visiting group and briefly introduced them our institute, while afterwards ProF. Haibin Li focused on the introduction of scienctific researches conducted by GIEC in the field of biomass energy. Dr. Fidel Ángel Castro Díaz-Balart highly appreciated the accomplishments yielded by GIEC through unceasing scientific research and actively exchanged ideas with present experts on several subjects they were interested in.

After the brief discussion, the visiting group was led to visit the ocean energy laboratory and the solar energy materials laboratory of GIEC.