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Korean Experts Visit GIEC


On Nov.8th, 2011, the Korean “Future Energy Technology” Research Group visited GIEC. The group was comprised of three experts, namely, prof. Yun Je Kim, principle researcher from Korea Institute of Science and Technology, prof. Kim Kwang Moo, senior researcher from Korea Research Intitute of Standards and Science, and associate prof. Sang Byoung In from Hanyang University.

During the meeting, Doc. Zhouyu Zhou, director in charge of the science department of GIEC, briefly introduced to the visiting group the general conditinon of this institute. Then, prof. Pengmei Lv and prof. Lingzhi Zhang respectively elaborated on the research conducted and progresses made in the field of biomass energy and fuel cell research, which aroused great interest from the visiting group. They highly appreciated the fruitful accomplishments yielded by GIEC and pointed out that there is a bright future lying ahead for our cooperation. Thus, a sincere exchange of ideas on the possibilities, directions and ways of cooperation was conducted between the two parties. After the meeting, the group visited solar materials laboratory and biomass energy laboratory.