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Professor Robert West and Professor Petey Young from University of Wisconsin-Madison Visit GIEC


As for the invitation of Organic Energy Material Group in GIEC, Professor Robert Westand Professor Petey Young from the Organosilicon Research Center of University of Wisconsin–Madison visited Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion and delivered excellent academic reports on Feb 16th 2012.

Professor Robert Westis a world-renowned chemist best known for his groundbreaking research in silicon chemistry as well as for his work with oxocarbons and organolithium compounds.Professor West gave us two lectures: TopicⅠGreen Energy Storage Using Organosilicon Compounds, and TopicⅡ The nature of the silicon-oxygen bond. The lectures deliver the nature of the silicon-oxygen bond, the search for useful organosilicon compounds as electrolytes for lithium ion batteries, ultracapacitors and lithium primary batteries, which has led to these promising, environmentally acceptable materials. Petey Young, the professor in Organosilicon Research Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, gave us a good lecture-Writing Science for Publication in English.She gave four guidelines for improving the writing of science in English and gave numerous examples.The participants showed great interest in the academic reports and conducted in-depth discussion and exchange.

In addition, during visiting the organic energy laboratory of GIEC, Prof. Robert West and Prof. Petey Young discussed and exchanged organosilicon compounds prospect as well as future cooperation.