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GuangZhou Insititude of Energy Converstion Has the Honour to Get the National Second Class Prize for Science and Technology Progress


National science and technology award assembly was held in Beijing on February 14th. The project “series technology and application of organic solid waste resources and energy cyclic utilization” has the honour to get the national second class prize for science and technology progress.

The results of series technology and application of organic solid waste resources and energy cyclic utilization are new techniques and processes in circular economy and energy conservation and emission reduction field, which aim to realize maximum resources and energy comprehensive utilization of organic solid waste. The main achievements are as follows: (1) Create organic solid waste conversion and utilization mode based on degradation otherness. (2) Find a new mechanism of dioxin control in pyrolysis and combustion process. (3) Research and develop the technology of municipal solid waste automation combination separation, sludge deeply dewatering and material quick decompose. (4) Solve the problem of pretreatment and secondary pollution control. (5) Develop the technique of pyrolysis gas, pyrolysis combustion and gasification power generation. (6) Get combination technology of biotransformation and thermal conversion and outfit and high value green product with proprietary intellectual property rights.

The techniques have been extended and applied at home and abroad. Dispose organic solid waste total amount 45.5 million tons, extend biological organic fertilizer 6.72 million mu, reduce fertilizer use 3.2 million tons, reduce non-point source pollution such as N, P, COD 3.8 million tons, save heavy oil 84200 tons annually, reduce CO2 emission 28200 tons, SO2 emission 3251 tons. The economic benefit is about 30 billion yuan.