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Doctor Zhiyang Xue of Anova Law Group,PLLC visits GuangZhou Insistute of Energy


Zhiyang Xue, the doctor of Anova Law Group,PLLC paid a visit to Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion(GIEC) and communicated with GIEC about international patents on Jue.29,2012.Haibin  Li, the assistant director of GIEC, Zhouyu Zhou, the director of Science & Technology division of GIEC, Professor Fangming Jiang of advanced energy system laboratory, Professor Lingzhi Zhang of organic energy material laboratory, and Professor Pengmei Lv of biomass biochemical transformations laboratory warmly received visitor.

Dr. Zhiyang Xue gave a comprehensive review on the key technique and important notes of United States patent application. Then, he introduced some things about patent infringement and patent conversion of the United States. Researchers from GIEC and Dr.Zhiyang Xue carried on the thorough exchange about US international patents application. Through this information sharing, researchers deepened the understanding of international patents,expecially the United States patent.