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GIEC Attends Energy Foundation Low Carbon Development Partners Annual Meeting


"Low Carbon Development Partners Annual Meeting" held by Energy Foundation was opened in ZhuHai from August 23rd to 25th , 2012.

In seminar of index system and action program of low carbon development, Prof.Cuiping,Liao from Guangzhou Institute of Energy (GIEC) gave a presentation about " low carbon develop plan of GuangDong ".  Prof.Cuiping,Liao introduced the study work and formulation of GuangDong low carbon develop plan undertaken by GIEC. The presentation included the target and mentality of the research, and the study progress of different industries' situational analysis and assessment of emission-reduction measures, and the framework and content of five-year plan for 2011 to 2015 of GuangDong low carbon development. In the end , Cuiping,Liao shared the experience of compling provincial level low carbon develop plan.

In seminar of carbon emissions trading and market mechanism, JunFeng,Li, who is director of National Strategic Research Centre and International Cooperation Centre on Climate Change, introduced the design vision of national carbon trading system. Other experts gave special reports about the role of market mechanism in carbon trading and carbon financial development, the mechanism design of EU allocation of quota for the third period, and some hot issues about carbon tax and carbon trading.