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GIEC Delegation Attends the 6th GIEC-KIER Renewable Eenergy Workshop


During Oct. 10th- 13th, the 6th KIER-GIEC Renewable Eenergy Workshop was convened in Jeju Global Research Center of KIER. There were over 50 experts attending the workshop, who came from three institutes: Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIEC), Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER), and Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. The 16-people GIEC delegation led by Deputy Director Prof. Wu Nengyou participated in the workshop.

Experts from these three countries delivered various reports covering a wide range of fields, including biomass energy, solar cell, lithium ion battery, energy materials, wave energy power generation, natural gas hydrate, deep-earth geothermal energy, solid waste treatment, energy strategy, etc. Altogether 34 reports were delivered, in which 14 came from Chinese delegates. The three parties conducted in-depth exchange of ideas on the latest research accomplishments and also the existing problems.

In the round-table meeting afterward, more discussion was carried out on how to deepen effective cooperation among three sides. It is decided to broaden the former bilateral workshop module (GIEC-KIER) to trilateral module (GIEC-KIER-AIST), with each side undertaking the workshop every year by turns. The purpose is to provide a stable platform for exchange and cooperation between our three sides and also seek for deepened relationship in the future.

The meeting was a complete success, laying a solid foundation for futher cooperation between China, Korea and Japan in the development of renewable energy and new energy.