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GIEC Delegation Visits Korea University in Seoul for Academic Exchange


During Oct.8th-11th, Jingliang Xu, associate fellow at GuangZhou Institute of Energy Conversion(GIEC), Wei Qi, associate fellow at GIEC, and Dr Yu Zhang from GIEC participated in "The 1st KU and GIEC Joint Symposium on Lignocellulosic biofuel" academic-community-exchange held in Korea University in Seoul.

Professor Sung Ok Han from Life Science and Technology college of Korea University welcomed all the delegates from GIEC, and introduced the background, anticipated results and the agenda of this exchange. Jingliang Xu, Wei Qi, Yu Zhang,respectively, gave three academic lectures "Research Focus and Development of Lignocellulosic Bioethanol Research about GIEC",'Development of Biomass Pretreatment Research in GIEC', and "Cellulase Immobilization and Hydrolysis Dynamscs", these lectures introduced related research progress of GIEC. Professors from Korea University also gave three academic lectures. Pro.Jung Bae Kim, Pro.Seung Wook Kim, and Pro.Sung Ok Han respectively gave lectures titled "Nanobiocatalytic Enzyme Stabilization","Researches on Various Bioproducts and Biomass Utilization in Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory",and"Designer Microbial Factory for Biofuel Production from Biomass", these lectures gave a detailed situation about recent research progress of Korea University. Both sides conducted an in-depth exchange of research ideas.

This academic exchange is the first exchange since the project preliminary inception and it strengthened mutual understanding. GIEC and Korea University achieved the mutual recognition about the huge space and the great potential of cooperation. Pro.Sung Ok Han and other professors of Korea University will pay a visit to GIEC in late November this year as agreed.