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Korea University in Seoul Visits GIEC


During Nov.18th-21st, Pro. Sung Ok Han, Pro. Seung Wook Kim and Pro.Jung Bae Kim from Korea University in Seoul(KU) paid a visit to GuangZhou Insitute of Energy Conversion(GIEC).

"KU and GIEC Joint Symposium on Lignocellulosic biofuel" was held in GIEC. Three professors from KU ,respectively, gave three academic lectures "Enzymatic and Metabolic Design of Microbial Factories for Biochemical Production from Various Non-food Feedstock","Biodiesel production by enzymatic process and crude glycerol utilization"and "Enzyme Coatings for Enzyme Immobilization and Stabilization", these lectures introduced detailed research progress of KU. Researchers from GIEC also introduced the new research achievements and progressin the field of biodiesel,microalgae energy, cellulosic ethanol and syngas fermentation. Both sides conducted an in-depth exchange of research ideas.

This academic exchange is the second exchange. GIEC and Korea University achieved the mutual recognition about the huge space and the great potential of cooperation.