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GIEC is Awarded GuangDong Intellectual Property Protection and Aid Service Agency


On Dec.25th,GuangDong Intellectual property protection and aid service agency awarding ceremony was held in GuangZhou Institute of Energy Coversion(GIEC). Ceremony presided over by the deputy director of GIEC, Pro.NengYou Wu.

The director of GIEC, Pro.ChuangZhi Wu expressed that GIEC will take the awarding as an opportunity to strengthen the intellectual property protection of major projects, raise the level of high-level personnel's rights protection consciousness and fulfill the agency duties well.

YouLou Yuan, deputy director of The Guangdong Intellectual Property Office, indicated that the agency founding is a useful exploration in developing Intellectual property protection. And he hoped that all agency workers cooperate with and support each other, jointly push forward the development of Intellectual property protection.

GuangDong Intellectual property protection and aid service centre is among the first group of provincial grade centre that were approved by State Intellectual Property Office., and GIEC is Guangdong's first Intellectual property protection and aid service agency.