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Delegation from Energy Institute(Hong Kong) Visits GIEC


On April 12, 2013, a delegation of 10 people from Energy Institute(Hong kong Branch) visited Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, CAS. The team was comprised of professors from Hong Kong University、City University of Hong Kong, experts from Hong Kong Productivity Council, and also managers from companies like Asian Gateway Consultants Limited.

After a brief meeting, the delegation paid a visit to labs and facilities of GIEC, including ocean energy lab, solar energy materials lab, natural gas hydrate lab, PV facilities and also the exhibition hall. Great interests were aroused in GIEC’s researches in wave energy utilization, solar energy utilization, biomass gasification power generation, biomass liquid fuel, and solid waste treatment technology. The delegation highly appreciated accomplishments achieved by GIEC and expressed wishes for further exchanges and cooperation both in joint research and talents nurturing. This visit was a good opportunity to strengthen exchanges between experts in Hongkong and mainland in the field of new energy and renewable energy.