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GIEC Expert Attends 2013 West Pacific Sedimentology Meeting

2013 West Pacific Sedimentology Meeting, co-undertaken by Taiwan Geological Association and Japan Sedimentology Association, was convened in Taiwan from 13th-18th, May. Dr. SU Ming from Gas Hydrate Lab of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the meeting.
During the meeting, Dr. SU Ming delivered an academic report named “The characteristics of morphology and infillings and the geological significances of the Central Canyon System in eastern Qiongdongnan Basin”. Dr. Su also conducted heated discussion with present experts on such issues as active plates margin deposition process, deep-water deposition worldwide, hydrate formation and so on. 

Moreover, Dr. SU Ming also paid a visit to Prof. Ho-Shing Yu and Dr. Kan-Hsi Hsiung in Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University. The two sides exchanged ideas on the Central Valley System and Gaoping Canyon System of northern South China Sea and delivery method of deep-water sediments.