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Ocean Energy Systems of IEA Paid an On-Site Visit to GIEC’s Wave Energy Conversion Facility


On May 16th, 2013, a twenty-people delegation from Ocean Energy Systems of IEA (OES) led by President Hose Luis Villate paid an on-site visit to GIEC’s Wave Energy Conversion Facility in Dawanshan Island of Zhuhai City. Prof. YOU Yage from Ocean Energy lab of GIEC accompanied the delegation and explained about the facility on spot.

It was supposed to have the delegation visit all the three facilities: the 100KW Duck-Style Wave Energy Converter, 20KW Absorption Power Generation Facility, and 10KW Eagle-Type Wave Energy Converter. Yet due to the bad weather, the delegation was only able to visit the Eagle-Type. OES experts asked Prof. YOU discussed about how the facility comes to generate electricity and how much is the cost, etc. Prof. YOU elaborately answered these questions.

Through this on-site trip, our international peer experts would have a better understanding of the status quo of wave energy utilization technology in China.