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Advances in New and Renewable Energy-An Academic Journal Under GIEC’s Auspices Starts Publication


A professional academic journal “Advances in New and Renewable Energy” was officially founded in late August, 2013. The journal is sponsored by Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, CAS, supervised by Chinese Academy of Sciences and published by Science Press. The publication number is CN 44-1698/TK/ ISSN 2095-560X.

Advances in New and Renewable Energy, which was founded to respond to the booming development worldwide in R&D of new energy and renewable energy, covers theoretical and technical researches in a wide range of fields, including solar energy, biomass energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy, natural gas hydrates, energy consumption and emission reduction, low-carbon development and so on.

Thanks to the proactive organization of GIEC and strong support given by advisors and editorial board, the first Journal Editorial Board Work Meeting was held in July and then successfully had its initial issue in August. No. 1, vol. 1 mainly published review papers of authoritative experts in various fields of new energy. The Editorial Board promises to continuously improve quality and standards of solicitation planning and content editing.
It is our hope that under support and care of vast majority of readers, Advances in New and Renewable Energy will realize the goal of being a high-level academic journal with its own characteristics.

Advances in New and Renewable Energy journal Web site: http:// www. xnyjz . giec.ac.cn.